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Bunch of people talking about animals in about 60 seconds. 

Animation of the word usage in Lord of the Rings, via 5013

The Core’s death scenes, in 60 seconds

There is no such thing as pink (in 60 seconds)


We’re all idiots. Choice blindness is 60 seconds


Stan Lee Hates Fuck You


The Invisible Hand explained in 60 seconds. Check out the full series here.


Inception in 60 Seconds

…as a woodcut

Use a waffle iron to make hash brown. 

mind. blown.

"It’s not that we’re better than the universe, we’re part of the universe"

Reading Rainbow + DMX = (!) 


"Gone in 60 Seconds" in 60 Seconds

because why not?


10 Clothing Tricks in 60 Seconds

(Source: Lifehacker)